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Shri Krishna has been addressed as Varshney in Verse 40-Chapter 1 and Verse 36-Chapter 3 of Bhagavad Gita , as of Vrishni lineage. Barahsaini or Varshney Vaish regard themselves  as descendants of Akrurji of the same lineage,which was primarily settled in Vrij (or Braj).

Advent of Indian Culture
At the beginning of the present 28th Chaturyug of 7th Manvantar, Caspian Sea isolated  to form a lake like large water body. Offsprings of great sage Kashyap and Aditi,daughter of Daksh Prajapati thrived along the banks of this water body. Their son Vivaswan continued the lineage with Shraddhdev(Manu) ,Ila, Aayu, Nahusha and Yayati.

Vedic- Saraswati Culture in Central Part of Bharat- Varsh
The Great Saraswati River originated from Bandarpunch massif of Himalayas. Sutudri or Sutlej  from Mt. Kailash merged with Saraswati near present day Satrana (Punjab). Yamuna from Yamunotri also assisted the Saraswati at present day Paonta Sahib(Himachal Pradesh).
Saraswati River flowed parallel to Sindhu river from Mt.Kailash, on its west side and Drisadvati river from Shivalik hills on its east side. All the three rivers flowed from North to South. Biggest of these, Saraswati traversed through Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan, finally falling in Arabian sea at Rann of Kutch in Gujarat.
The son of great king Yayati,Yadu migrated along the banks of Saraswati and settled at lower plains of Middle Bharat. Marriage system was first adopted in this region. Thus man dominated lineage or Vansh started .
 There  were heavy settlements along the Saraswati river ,as water resources were of prime importance for this agrigarian society. They were grouped in small units lead by a Vish-pati and common man was called Vish. These people were trading overseas  with other cultures of the same period.Saraswati river provided them the passage to the sea.  
Later the Vish changed to Vaish , the first evolved varna of later  adopted four Varnas. Rigveda also originated and propogated as hymns ,as there was no writing script. 
Yadu vansh or lineage continued with Shahastrajit,Satjit,Haihaya,Dharm,Netra,Kunti,Sohajji,Mahishman,Bhadrasen,Dhanak,Kratveerya,KartveeryaArjun,Jaydhwaj,Taljangh,Veetihotra or Vrisha.

Vrij and Vrishni
Vrij was  a region falling within the present Jaipur, Agra And Delhi (Indraprashtha).This region,named after Vrisha, was traditionally acknowledged as Golden triangle.Its centre Madhupuri or Mathura was known after Madhu who was the son of Vrisha and father of Vrishni.
The Supreme god Vishnu took birth in Vrishni lineage.He established the might of Bharat through economic,political and cultural developments,which sustained through thousands of years and changed the entire world .To develop economy, coins and seals were introduced. Units of weights and measures were adopted. Writing scripts with alphabets and numbers were mooted and organised by rules of grammer and maths.As a result,all of the four Vedas originated till then ,were scripted and preserved.  Vrij area was the main region of all these activities. Dwarika was an international trade city.Vrij andDwarika, both were ruled as the republics, which was the new form of polity.
Later identified Sindhu or Indus valley civilisation was actually remnant of the Saraswati civilisation.The whole of the world adopted original economic,political and intellectual systems of Bharat-Varsh to develop their own lands.

Decline of the Vedic culture
Almost 3900 years  ago, due to tectonic plate movements Sutudri/Sutlej turned abruptly at present Ropar (Punjab) and finally merged with Sindhu.While Yamuna shifted its course to the east. Remnant Saraswati subsided before reaching to Rajasthan. It dried up in Rajasthan which was once a very thriving area, leaving it a desert.
Varnas system classified the  society  on the basis of work efficiency and aptitude but with equal rights and flexibility. It slowly changed  into rigid caste system based on births,which gave unequal rights and discriminated people.Thus a vibrant and knowledge based society so badly fell from its height that ,it again and again was routed by foreign invasions.The very heart of civilisation ,Vrij ,was ruined and ruled By Mugals at Agra and then Delhi.Illustrious Vrishni lineage of Vrij got so severe drubbings that, even the memories of its golden past have been wiped out.

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